This is more than a retreat, it’s a lifestyle.

So why ‘A Taste Of Menorca’?

The pandemic, like most people, made us pause, reflect and realise what is really important to us: our physical and mental health, and of course family and love. We did a lot of soul-searching, reading, and talking and together and thus together, ‘A Taste Of Menorca’ was born.

As a team and individuals, we are so passionate about our retreats. We feel lucky to be able to live in Menorca, and want to share our local knowledge in all its glory with whoever feels like they need to escape and just breathe.

We want more than anything for A Taste Of Menorca to be a personal experience, we’ll be with you every step of the way, showing you places and experiences close to our hearts.

Our mission at A Taste Of Menorca is to create retreats that leave you with lifelong memories.

Meet The Team


Hello! I'm Kelly

Mum of three, voiceover artist and your personal tour guide throughout your trip! Originally from Wigan, my work as a singer brought me to Menorca 17 years ago, where I met my husband, and it’s been my home ever since.

We lived in Es Mercadal for 11 years: a small, charming town right in the heart of Menorca, which is why we have chosen Es Mercadal to be the base for your retreat. Here you’ll get a real feel for the authentic Menorca. It’s picturesque, the people are friendly and it’s central.

Now we’re living on the outskirts of Ciutadella with our three young children and loving life!


Hi, I'm Louise

As a Mum of two, a wife & with a corporate career, it’s safe to say it’s a busy life.

In 2016 I decided to embark on a degree in Health and Nutrition. Shortly after completing my degree, the pandemic arrived.

This was the catalyst to claim my inner peace. I took the time to reset and apply everything I’d learned during my degree. I was lucky enough to spend time recharging with family in Menorca, and so the seeds of ‘A Taste Of Menorca’ were sown.

There is no better place to escape the demands of modern life and allow serenity to wash over you.


Hola! I'm Emily

I found my love for Yoga in Menorca in my late 30s, completing my teacher training in 2010. Now flowing into my 50s I have not only deepened my practice on the mat but in my everyday life, and in my relationship with life itself. Reiki came into my life in 2020 awakening me to the joy of self-healing and my love for all creatures great and small.

Self-healing is something I think we can all resonate with as we are all on our own individual journey; finding that inner peace and the healing presence of Love that is ultimately the path to true happiness.

For many Menorca can only be described as the perfect setting for connecting with nature to disconnect from our busy lifestyles and empower our mind, body and soul. I’m really excited to be a part of A Taste of Menorca and to share this wonderful new adventure with you all.

Ready to relax & unwind?