Wellness Retreat 23-27 April 2023


Join us on the retreat of a lifetime exploring the stunning Mediterranean sanctuary that is Menorca. Our retreats have been created with nature in mind to allow you to restore equilibrium and regain your authentic self.

We have chosen Menorca for our retreats because it provides the perfect environment to help rejuvenate your being and guide you to find inner peace.

Your trip has been carefully planned during the perfect season when the island is at its best. It’s quieter and cooler so you can truly appreciate what the island and all of its magic have to offer.

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Where will we be staying?

S’Estancia Suites is an exclusive and comfortable city hotel designed for those travellers who are looking for an authentic Menorca.

The Hotel is strategically located in Es Mercadal, the gastronomic capital of the island thanks to its excellent restaurants. Es Mercadal is amongst the prettiest towns in Menorca, preserving charm with traditional architecture. The location is a perfect base to offer ‘A Taste of Menorca’ and has an array of eateries & shops all within walking distance. The municipality is a crossroads between the north and the south, the east and the west of Menorca, allowing easy access to the most remote places.

Sleep well in our lavish suites wake up better and have breakfast like never before. Your unforgettable breakfast will be based on 100% local products, adorned with artisan pastries from Es Mercadal, famous for their ensaimadas, pastissets and crespells. This stunning hotel will completely enhance your experience of Menorca and will only inspire you to return for more.

Who is this retreat for?

Anyone and everyone are welcome at A Taste of Menorca. We pride ourselves on being inclusive meaning we attract a diverse range of individuals.

What makes your retreats special?

We aim to provide everyone who visits us with an inner stillness to regain their sense of self. We want you to have time for yourself and yourself alone to enjoy the intrinsic beauty of Menorca whilst recharging your body and mind.

Albeit, we are passionate about self-care and wellness but we also value the power of laughter and believe in not taking life too seriously. So hopefully this is the blend of goodness you are looking for.

We have purposefully planned your retreat from start to finish, while still allowing some free time. This will allow headspace for quiet contemplation whilst anchoring yourself back to the present moment. We trust by doing this you will reacquaint yourself with your true being and find you have been swept away into a beautifully simplistic way of living. This is a gift that you can take home with you and integrate into normal life.

How many people are there on each retreat?

We are extremely committed to providing a personal touch so we want to keep our numbers low therefore maximum capacity per retreat is 14 people.

What level of fitness is required?

We want to provide this experience to as many people as possible however we need you to be aware that there will be movement and activity each day. Therefore if this is unfamiliar to you then you may want to research a retreat for beginners in physical activity. We have chosen the cooler times of the year but Menorca is still warm at these times so be mindful of what level you are at and if activity in the heat is for you. It is by no means a ‘boot camp’ type retreat but you will need to be able to walk for a number of hours per day. Feel free to reach out to discuss your personal abilities so we can guide you further.

What do I need to bring?

You will receive a kit list upon booking, there isn’t anything out of the ordinary so don’t worry. Examples would be: a hat, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, and a light waterproof jacket but a more exhaustive list will be in the welcome pack.

Is lunch included?

A delicious packed lunch will be provided for you. Food choices will be provided upon arrival.

What’s Menorca like during September, October, March, April & May?

During the four months we have selected for the retreats the Island is calmer with lower temperatures than you see during the busier summer months. Typical daytime temperatures during these months are a max average of 27c and a min average of 18c. It can be cooler in the evening so packing something light to cover up is advisable. September and October are perfect months for swimming in the sea with the water temperature around 24c. You will find the sea colder in April and May with a temperature of around 18c.

Can I come alone?

Yes absolutely!

What makes Menorca magical?

Menorca is the smallest of the Balearic Islands and moves to its own mellow beat. The white and golden sand beaches are some of the Mediterranean finest. The Island remains distinctly rural due to its Biosphere Reserve status and boasts a magnificent coastline of idyllic coves and beaches as well as amazing inland scenery. It is not only the allure of the Island there is also the unique energy that offers spiritual healing. It is this holistic appeal that makes Menorca something that should be experienced by all.

Does the food cater for vegetarians/vegans/gluten-free/ any other dietary restrictions?

We will absolutely do our best to cater for food preference/intolerance/allergy. We do not provide food ourselves so provide us with the information in the questionnaire and we will make the request for you.

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